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Shahyd Legacy, or most well known as the Lead Guitarist of Sacred Legacy, made his musical entrance on to the stage late 2004 with his first band called “SYN”. But then we saw him take his music to a new level as he formed his own band the “SACRED LEGACY” in the year 2006. Also Released his 1st guitar solo album THE SACRED LEGACY in September of 2006. With his hard thrashing riffs and melodious solos Sacred Legacy became an instant hit amongst the rock music lovers. Along with Sacred Legacy Shahyd began his solo carrier as well, to become known as the “Legacy”. As his melodies demanded more attention than any small segment of a song can address, they were crying for a separate feel and a texture only a dedicated instrumental song can do justice to. Songs such as “Infinity”, “god’s legend” and “before I die” became instant hits.

In 2012 and the years that followed, Shahyd focused more on his solo career, the result was “Nostalgia” a much more melodious release differing from his usual metal sound but to much commercial acclaim.

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“Gateways” Review By Variety Of Death Zine Rated 8 out of 10

Shahyd Legacy/Gateways/2017 Full Length Review Shayd  Legacy  is  a  solo  artist  with  a  full  band  from  Maldives  that  has  been  featured  before  in  this  zine…

Gateways Review By World Of Metal

Translated By Google SHAHYD LEGACY "Gateways" Did he say that the Maldivas would also have metal of such high quality? It was the first thing that…

Gateways Review By

Gateways is the 4th solo album from world renowned guitarist Shahyd Legacy, most famous for playing lead guitar in the metal band, Sacred Legacy. Gateways…